The manufacturing of the highest quality welding electrodes and wear plates and service in the industry. We have the product for your welding applications. Nucor weld (India) Pvt. Ltd., proudly announces that the new generation brands of Welding Electrodes and Numax Wear Resistant Plates.

Our main welding electrode products are Spectrum and Eknoweld. Spectrum low heat input welding electrodes range are specially formulated alloy electrodes to suit each and every applications. Product range ensure welders comfort and weld appeal is much better with consistent superior weld quality. Eknoweld range of welding electrodes includes mild steel, low hydrogen, high efficiency, high tensile, electrode for cryogenic applications, creep resistant, hard facing, cast iron, stainless steel, cutting & gouging. All it is with low spatter level and easily detachable slag and it provides excellent welding performance.

Numax wear plates are constituted of steel backed superlative wear resistant cladding. Manufacturing of these plates by a specialized Square wave technology for fusion bonding process offers significant advantages in terms of lowest dilution levels, highest concentration of carbides and superlative resistance to abrasion