Lubrikote was founded in 1975 with a single vision, “to become a leading developer of chemical specialities dedicated to the die cast industry and forging industry”. This vision continues all these years and will be continued forever. Lubrikote develops innovative lubricants and releasants dedicated to meet individual customer requirements.

Lubrikote product categories are:

  • Die Cast Lubricants
  • Forging Lubricants
  • Hydraulic Fluids
  • Foundry Chemical

The products mentioned are used in various applications like serving the metal forming industry to customer driven chemistries of functional coatings. Lubrikote are committed to produce and deliver products that exceed customers expectations. Due to its high quality of products, Lubrikote maintains a global presence with direct representation or agents in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and China.

We, SPR marketing are the Authorized Distributors of the Lubrikote lubricants. We distribute the fluids as per the client requirements. The standards are maintained as per the specifications and the lubricants offered are 100% genuine.